An artistic characteristic

Each shape features a unique artwork by the famous Swedish artist Ragnar Persson where the name of the model is illustrated. The names of the shapes come from specific birds that, through their unique features and habitats, fit the surroundings each snowboard is made for. The artwork is taken from the birds’ characteristics, both through its visual approach but also through its specific features. Ragnar’s works have been shown in galleries all around the world and he is represented in Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm. He often works with a collage technique where characters are brought together from different directions in carefully constructed drawing worlds. His stripped-down and enigmatic ceramic sculptures complement elements in the detailed drawings.

Created from necessity

TUR started out as an idea born out of necessity from three passionate and professional Swedish snowboarders. We set out to put together a well-thought out, minimal quiver of premium quality boards that would be specific enough to fit our different riding styles, yet broad enough to allow us the freedom to explore the varying terrains of the entire mountain. Boards that focused on the core of riding with shapes and designs that were mature enough for us to use every day and grow old with. After a lifetime of professional riding, developing and selling boards, we knew there wasn’t a brand that answered to this need. So in 2017, we decided the only solution was to create our own. The result was TUR and our mission hasn’t changed since.

Approved by Scandinavia

Scandinavia is no ordinary landscape. Being so close to the Arctic circle, the conditions can vary greatly depending on where the wind is blowing from and the snow can quickly change from hard ice to deep powder. There’s no such thing as the same day of snow here. This challenging terrain makes it the perfect testing ground for our boards. If they works here, they will work anywhere. All of our boards are designed, shaped and put through rigorous testing in the most diverse snow conditions within a wide radius of our backyard of Åre in Sweden. We work together with splitboard guides, pro-riders and enthusiasts, and of course, ourselves, to ensure our boards reach the level of performance we need.

Engineered without compromise

Each board starts with a vision and we construct the board around that vision. To create a truly premium board, we don’t compromise on any level, working with the best people, factories and materials we trust. We can say our boards are constructed using light wooden cores for agility with fast sintered bases and premium steel edges. But it’s how you put those materials together that makes the real difference. We apply our years of knowledge around board building to a variety of specific premium material compositions for each board. And only after tons of adjustments, rethinking and refinement, are the boards ready to be branded TUR.

Shaped with a purpose

The shape of a board is its signature. An essential part of the feeling you get from a board comes from the shape of its profile. And how you lay out the camber and rocker verses the core thickness of the profile of a board makes a huge difference. At TUR, all of our shapes are well considered, exclusive, and designed with incredible detailing. We spend countless hours working on the shapes and the camber and rocker profiles to get the exact float, stability, speed and playfulness we want, in a mix that works perfectly in every corner of the mountain. Our two fundamental shapes come in two variations and are the cornerstones for our needs, complementing each other perfectly. The Buteo and Labb are designed to have a great float in deep snow, yet are stable and responsive and a great corduroy turner. Whereas the Pluv and Tica are the modern, high performance all-mountain boards made for playful riding with a pinch of freestyle for every piece of the mountain. Together they are what we would want in our boardbag for a lifelong journey on the snow.

Meet the founders

Hampus Mosesson – Hampus has spent over 20 years as a professional snowboarder, snowboard distributor and retail owner. Growing up in a ski village in the northern parts of Sweden Hampus spent most of his time on the slope, but snowboarding caught his eye early on. After many years of filming larger video productions during the early 2000s, designing boards for brands and riding these models became a part of his work. When he left his pro riding career, and started working as a snowboard distributor and later shop owner, he experienced snowboarding from a different angle. “As a pro rider, you’re mainly looking for one specific feeling from your board. But being able to ride for yourself in a variety of conditions, and also meeting other riders in the same situations, it opens your eyes to a completely new perspective.”

Ola Nygårds – Ola grew up with snowboarding in the mid ‘80s, and has had a life driven by snowboarding ever since. His first snowboard shop opened in the late ‘90s, and he worked as the distributor for Burton Snowboards for 10 years in the early 2000s. Most of his experience and curiosity of snowboard products have come from the many years of on-snow demos and meeting hundreds of snowboarders from all kinds of backgrounds and levels. It’s here he got to know what boards actually do for different types of riders, and not just your own feelings.

Peter Danroth – Growing up in the middle parts of Sweden, Peter has been riding and competing on snowboards since early 90s. Through the riding culture, he found an interest in graphics and artistry, which led him to what he has been working with for the past 15+ years – branding and graphic design. Today, he runs an award-winning design studio Bryner Creative, which gives him a unique perspective on the artistry of snowboarding.

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